The Film Club’s mission is to encourage a simultaneous viewing experience and provide a forum to discuss the film amongst like-minded film fans. 

Register below to join us at 7:30pm on Wednesday the 3rd of March for the next Bird Box Film Club.

Our next short film is “Sylvia”. This film was a strong collaboration between director Richard Prendergast, producer Rachel Prendergast, and exec producer Benjamin Hartley. 

Director and Writer Richard Prendergast came upon the true story of a letter found in a second-hand car on social media. Sabrina’s tragic story had gone viral. Richard contacted Sabrina, who lived in the United States, and with her permission, wrote the screenplay for the film. You can watch the film here:


The live Q&A and discussion will feature Director Richard Prendergast, producer Rachel Prendergast and actors Jolie Lennon, and Ben Hartley.

Proudly hosted by The Big Picture Film Club