We welcome you to register for the film premiere of ‘Maximus’ on Wednesday 28th April. 

‘Maximus’ is a story of heartache, imagination and magic! Written and directed by Richard Prendergast, the film follows young India as she tells the story of her brave brother, Maximus to a seemingly uninterested listener, Mike. 

What follows is a story only a child could concoct. A story of loss and triumph. Of wizards and beasts. Of Angels and Warriors. This isn’t some random fantastical story, this is a carefully curated plan by a young girl desperate to tell the tale of her brother.

This is Maximus.

Register below to join us at 7:00pm on Wednesday 28th April. 

The premiere will follow with a live Q&A and discussion will feature Director Richard Prendergast, Producer Rachel Prendergast, Producer Max  Mason, and the cast and crew involved in the film.

Proudly hosted by BirdBox.Film Club & The Big Picture Film Club and supporting Team Max Fundraising. 

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