I was delighted to find one of my favourite films of the last decade on the platform this month. 

Barry Jenkins’ sublime Moonlight won the Oscar for Best Picture in 2017 and continues to astound me on every subsequent viewing. The performances from the ensemble cast are wonderfully observed, with Mahershala Ali also picking up the award for Best Supporting Actor at the controversial ceremony. The cinematography and music featured in Moonlight are special, really placing you in the heart of a gut wrenching love story. It’s heartbreaking in places but also has notes of real optimism. Regardless of how it happened, this movie absolutely deserved all the accolades it won. 

Moonlight was one of the highlights of the London Film Festival when it screened at the annual film event in 2016, and I was lucky enough to speak to the cast and director at the time. Even before the film began to pick up awards buzz, it was the talk of the town with audiences giving it standing ovations every time it screened (or whatever the polite English equivalent is of such an enthusiastic reaction). Cassam Looch 


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