Earthy Encounters

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Earthy Encounters

15-year-old Kyle believes he can save his dying older brother with a plant he's found at the back of a garden centre. Problem is, there's a shadowy government agency out to destroy it first.

Earthy Encounters is a short family action-adventure film about a 15-year-old boy who believes he can save his terminally ill brother with an ancient, sentient plant he’s unearthed in the garden centre he works at.

The film premiered at Tribeca 2018, and has been a big festival hit, playing 40 international festivals and winning awards at Dublin, Seattle, Newport Beach, Hamilton and San Jose.


Dublin International Film Festival 2018 Winner Fantastic Flix Best Short Film

Hamilton Film Festival, CA 2018 Winner Festival Prize for Best Short Film

Newport Beach Film Festival 2018 Winner of the Short Film Award for Best Family Film