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Project Nim

Project Nim tells the story of a chimpanzee taken from its mother at birth and raised like a human child by a family in a brownstone on the upper West Side in the 1970s.

Project Nim was released to critical acclaim. The film has won 15 and was nominated for 27 awards, including Best Documentary at the 65th British Academy Film Awards.

Project Nim is a 2011 British documentary film. It focuses on Project Nim, a research project that was mounted in the 1970s to determine whether a primate raised in close contact with humans could develop a limited "language" based on American Sign Language.

Equal parts hilarious, poignant, and heartbreaking, Project Nim not only tells a compelling story masterfully, but also raises the flag on the darker side of human nature.

Critics Review

'This haunting life story is an exquisite example of non-fiction filmmaking as full-bodied, emotionally complex drama.' Hollywood Reporter

'The release of this documentary by James Marsh in the same week as Rise of the Planet of the Apes is wittily timed. It too speaks of caged primates, though its judgement on their captors is far more disturbing.' Independent UK

'Marsh, who made the multi-awarded Man on a Wire, takes no sides but lets the humans speak for themselves, rum lot that they are.' London Evening Standard

'A harrowing and intensely powerful tale of an animal who was perhaps more human than the actual humans around him.' From the Front Row


Awards Circuit Community Awards 2011

Winner of theACCA award for Best Documentary Feature

Boston Society of Film Critics Awards 2011

Winner of theBSFC Award for Best Documentary - James Marsh

Directors Guild of America, USA 2012

Winner of theDGA Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Documentary - James Marsh

Florida Film Critics Circle Awards 2011

Winner of the FFCC Award for Best Documentary

San Diego Film Critics Society Awards 2011

Winner of the SDFCS Award for Best Documentary