There Are No Innocent Bystanders

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There Are No Innocent Bystanders

‘There And No Innocent Bystanders’, a new film chronicling The Libertines’ past, present and future. The film gives an intimate insight into a band (The Libertines) reforming. The film captures the spirit of the band: stories and moments retold and relived by the band themselves. Profiling each band member individually and collectively -- something which has never been done before -- the film gives each of the boys the chance to put their story in their way.

Critic Reviews

“The film is a fair slice of nostalgia about one of the most influential bands to ever come from Britain. And though you might distance yourself from the lingering indie fall out that haunts the streets of Camden in 2014, any British music fan who owned a guitar during the last ten years would be lying if they said Up The Bracket didn't feel godly at some point during their formative years.” Vice