Running Man – Short Film Premiere

One of the first things that attracted me write for Birdbox was the commitment to all formats of film. Yes, we have award-winning feature films and documentaries, all of which i’m having a great time curating, but there are now a number of great short films joining the platform too. This week we premiere Running Man, Sadie Frost’s exhilarating debut film, which is the best way I can think of to launch a channel dedicated to bitesize cinema. 

Frost will be joining us for a live Q&A at 7.30pm along with the stars of the film. Director Chris Turner will also be on hand to share his thoughts and the hope is that the film forum will be an outlet for cinephiles to discuss the movie while stuck at home. 

There are more events planned in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for my own picks and in the meantime here’s a bit more about the terrifying premise behind Running Man

Running Man

15 min – Available now 

Running Man is a dark yet comedic short film set in the South East of England in 1991 – the heyday of illegal raves. In an attempt to escape the ghosts of his past, Fred Love convinces his mates to take part in a clinical drug trial for cash. But events take a turn as the trial spirals into violent psychosis, forcing Fred to come face-to-face with the very thing he’s been running from.

The film marks the launch of Birdbox.Film first monthly ‘Film Club’. At 7.30pm on Wednesday the 3rd February, users will be able to tune into a discussion with the Producer Sadie Frost, Director Chris Turner and Raff Law, hosted by The Big Picture Film Club.

Sign up for the Q&A here –

Speaking about the film, Sadie Frost remarked “I wanted to make a film about the 90’s rave scene…I wanted it to be authentic and dark. With Johnny Cookes brilliant script and Chris Turner’s spot on direction, along with a stellar cast and a unique rave soundtrack, we have achieved something very exciting! It has been brilliant that so many festivals have reacted so well to it, and ultimately that people are drawn to it and find it an exciting and fun watch”. 

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