The Daughter
I decided to pick out this intricate Australian family drama as i’m a big fan of the genre. These grand tales showcase actors doing what they do best, and The Daughter is no exception. 

It’s a rainy Sunday afternoon as I write this, but i’m still enjoying the viewing experience. The Daughter wasn’t really on my radar and I had somehow missed it on its initial release in 2015. That’s the great thing about having a curated list of films to pick from, you don’t have to scroll for ages to find something good that suits your mood.

The bitterness of awkward family gatherings, where everyone has to pretend to like one another until they can make a hasty exit, is at the core of the film. The plot is an updated version of a Scandinavian play by Henrik Ibsen which is more than 100 year old now. The Australian setting used by writer and director Simon Stone is smartly used as a way of leaving enough of the source material hanging in the air while the story itself is entirely refreshed. 

This is one of those films that works much better without too much being revealed beforehand. That’s certainly why it worked for me, so I won’t spoil anything here. What you do need to know is that Geoffrey Rush and Sam Neill play the patriarchs of two connected families who are about to have all their secrets exposed in brutal fashion. The impact of this careless, and sometimes throwaway attitude, causes a ripple-effect in a tight-knit community. 

The Daughter might not be the first title you reach for when working your way through our list of films, but make sure you save it somewhere on your watchlist. This is an underrated gem. 

 Cassam Looch 


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