The Longest Sunday

There’s a strange period of time that exists between Christmas and New Year where every day feels like Sunday. Not just any Sunday, but the longest Sunday. 

This year, more than ever, this will be a tough time to get through. Pandemic restrictions mean that we will not only be spending more time indoors, but we’ll also have to do so with fewer people than ever before. Traditional festive films have their place, but don’t really have much rewatch value after the big day itself. No one wants to watch Santa bumble his way down a chimney after the presents have already been opened, that’s just a creepy old man breaking into your home late at night. We also charge Rudolph with aiding and abetting.

We’ve decided to help you out and picked out some movies to enjoy alongside those leftover turkey sandwiches and the last drops of Bailey’s. Here are five films to get you from Christmas to the New Year. 

Five Films for the Longest Sunday

December 26th – Man on Wire 

Most of us can barely move from our sofas on Boxing Day, so let’s spend the afternoon in front of the TV with a bunch of crazy daredevils who decide to walk a tightrope between the Twin Towers. This documentary captures a wild story that has to be seen to be believed.  Funnily enough, this is one film I vividly remember watching when it first came out because the entire thing was accidently screened out of sequence. The structure of the movie is so unique that hardly anyone else noticed. Luckily I’ve checked the version we have on Birdbox and you’ll be pleased to know everything is in order!

December 27th – Ma Ma

The days between Christmas and New Year tend to stretch out for what feels like forever. This alternative pick is strangely apt for this period, focusing on the triumph of human spirit against the odds. Prepare to have your heartstrings thoroughly tugged by a flawless central performance from Penelope Cruz. 

December 28th – Human Flow

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has produced some profound work in the past. His documentary about the plight of refugees around the world reminds us of the hardships of others, and might be the best thing he has worked on. A timely examination of the world we live in and one to get your brain back into gear.

December 29th – Mid90s

It’s cold outside, but inside you can escape to balmy LA with Jonah Hill’s stylish directorial debut. Mid90s is about as nostalgic as it gets, and is perfect as a slice of sunny escapism. If you’re wondering, yes it is *that* Jonah Hill of 21 Jump Street fame who directed this great little movie. 

December 30th – My Feral Friend

The last few days of 2020 should have been one big party. Sadly, we won’t be able to spend time with as many friends as we would have hoped to, so perhaps time with unlikely pals Luke and Pete will fill the void? My Feral Heart is a low-budget film about some of the good things in life. Let’s hope for more of that next year. 

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