Boppin' at The Glue Factory

A rogue nurse rules the night shift at a convalescent hospital.

It may be pitched as a low budget, dark comedy but Boppin’ at the Glue Factory, directed and co-written by Jeffrey Orgill is a little slice of comedy gold.

The film stars Henry Dittman as Eric Labudde, a down and out drug addict who, through what can only be described as sheer blind luck, ends up getting a job at an old age convalescent home as the night nurse. Eric isn’t exactly what anyone would call a model employee, but he has just enough charisma and medical skill to get by in the medical world. It’s different, but that isn’t a bad thing.


Seattle True Independent Film Festival, 2009. Winner of best feature.
Strasbourg International Film Festival, 2019. Winner of best supporting actor.

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